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Small Business: Employee Onboarding 101

Congratulations! Your business is thriving, and you’ve found great new people to join your team. To be sure your relationship with your new team members gets off to a good start, you need to be smart about employee onboarding. Here are some expert tips for making the experience a rewarding one for everyone.

Offer a warm welcome. First impressions count. Be sure new team members know they valued members of a great organization. A welcome packet or other small gesture can foster a sense of belonging.

Get HR paperwork out of the way, stat. Yes, everyone hates paperwork. But the sooner you get it out of the way, the sooner your new employee will be in your system and ready to go. Taking care of the necessary bureaucracy early makes life easier for both of you.

Start onboarding before the first day of work. Completing reams of HR paperwork while trying to familiarize oneself with new systems and processes can be overwhelming. Thus, it’s unlikely new hires will have the time or mental focus to start any serious work on their first day with you. So when possible, complete the initial onboarding and orientation a few days before any new hire shows up for work.

Get the team involved. Introduce your new hire to the rest of your team quickly, and give everyone ample opportunities to get to know each other. Getting everyone together for lunch on your new hire’s first day is an easy way to make a new arrival feel like part of the team. Encouraging them to answer their new colleague’s questions and offer support and constructive feedback is another.

Pair new hires with mentors. New employees will undoubtedly have a lot of questions when they start. Pairing them with experienced mentors in their area is a useful strategy for bringing them up to speed. This support will also give your new hires the confidence they need to succeed.

Encourage questions. Nothing feels more paralyzing for a new employee than not knowing what to do or where to get answers to questions. Make sure your new people know they’re always welcome to ask questions. They’ll climb the learning curve faster and feel like a welcome part of the team.

Ease newbies into their workload. Even if you’ve just hired the smartest guy (or girl) on the block, you shouldn’t expect a new hire to start working at full capacity on their first day. New people will need time to get accustomed to your customers, your team, and your processes, not the mention the background history of whatever projects they’re working on. Start your new people off slowly, and gradually add to their responsibilities as their confidence increases.

Provide ample feedback. Every business has different standards and expectations. To ensure new hires know yours, provide frequent constructive feedback during their first few weeks. They’ll appreciate having clarity about your expectations.

If you’d like a trustworthy partner to provide expert HR support, a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) can help. PEO companies handle all your HR needs, from recruiting to employee benefits. We can match you with a PEO provider with knowledge of your industry. We work only with carefully vetted and licensed PEOs to ensure you get the service you need to grow.

Invest in a King Bed for Your Home

If you are looking into buying a new bed for your bedroom but are unsure of the size to get, it is best to check out king beds. When buying a decent sized frame and mattress, nothing beats the king. This is the widest size you can indulge in. This is perfect for couples or individuals looking to have a lot of space.

There are many uses for such a large-sized bed aside from its primary function, which is for sleeping. Many other activities are done in the bedroom, and more specifically on the bed. Activities such as watching television, having the occasional snack or breakfast in bed, reading, writing, late night conversations and so much more. All of these are made so much easier if you have a lot of space to go around.

Having this kind of bed is also ideal for parents with children. This makes it inviting enough for kids to come in and snuggle for some quality family time. There is certainly a lot of room for spontaneous pillow fights or just simply cozying up to mom and dad during cold, rainy evenings.

You may think that purchasing this will surely bore a hole in your pocket. But it doesn’t have to. One can just as easily check out stores and online websites for the latest king beds for sale. This can happen quite often since there is always a constant shipment arriving of new mattresses and frames, thus making the old stock eligible for a marked down price. Make it a point to regularly check out stores and online websites for the different promos and sales they may have. Be ready to make an instant trip when this happens since big sales commonly are swarmed with buyers, making the good deals go quickly. A great strategy to have is to already know which item you specifically want to buy. This way, you will immediately know if what you want is up for grabs or on sale, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Adding a piece of furniture such as king beds are always a great investment to have. Make sure to search for the ones with good quality and a warranty that guarantees you an item that can last you for years to come. When looking at shops, it is advisable to look at trusted brands or those that have been in the business of furniture for a long time. It is always best to buy brand new ones, as opposed to slightly used, since this is a piece that you will be using every day.

What Is FDM Rapid Prototyping Service?

Prototypes of axis offer FDM which stands for Fused modelling deposition. These are services that produce prototypes of ABS and polycarbonate despite the presence of other materials. Parts produced by fused modelling are used for applications in development and applications of additive manufacturing because the parts are extremely robust. The ABS parts are used for fit and functional tests for prototypes and have a smooth finish on the surface rarely. This is critical for building lines. Fused modelling is most appropriate for parts that are non-visible and has a critical surface finish. The parts of this are porous and can be sealed using chemicals and processes. Below are a few characteristics of this service.

Technology perspectives

This technology is the longest and widely used processes of 3D printing. It is common with many other systems of production. The FDM rapid prototyping is capable of reading data from files of the STL. Then these are further converted into points of reference for the reproduction of real designs. These models are made within the built envelope of the printer. Printers use a thread of continuous filament of thermoplastics. The finer bead is extruded and is laid on the print bed. As soon as the layer is completed, that is made to step down, and there is a repetition of the same process. Every layer is as fine as less than an inch.

Technology Highlights

The software that is responsible for the systems of fused modelling gives all the controls to users. This control helps users in the different aspects of the printing processes. This includes the fill density that has to be inserted into the model that has been printed. The FDM rapid prototyping takes into account sparse, low and robust density of the fill as per the last use requires it to be. Surfaces that face downward are supported during the process of the support material. These can be dissolved or jetted off at the end for leaving the significant part behind.

The major benefits

The fused modelling elements are stable dimension wise; therefore, they can maintain their material properties and accuracy with time. These parts can be further built with the help of ISO confirmed materials for use in medical applications and food. Some compatible parts are even suitable for parts in the aircraft. Rigid material that is employed in this modelling process is built with structures that perfectly support it. These finally help in the minimization of costs. The fused modelling machines are usually compact and are easy to maintain and use. Therefore they are best suited for office environments.

Umpteen uses

The highlights mentioned above in the technology and benefits that fused modelling provide is immense and vast. It uses a bead of the continuous thermoplastic filament. This bead is laid on mobile stage for building all the layers of 3D parts. It is tailor made to suit prototyping rapidly and to produce parts simultaneously. Therefore durability and stability are the primary requirements. The common uses of fused modelling are verification of designs and simulation. It also has its utilities in areas of marketing tools, in producing one of a kind product and manufacturing replacement parts. They also help in end-use products and producing small volumes when required.