A Secret Weapon For Growing Your Small Business

Big business has known for a long time that employees who take time out of their day for exercise, who are actively seeking a healthier lifestyle are more productive and do a better job at work. As a self-employed entrepreneur what makes you think you are different than the employees at IBM or Johnson & Johnson when it comes to your health? If the CEO’s of those corporations give their employees time off to exercise and to attend classes on wellness, don’t you think there is a payoff to the business? Why on earth would they foot the bill for services such as these if they weren’t of benefit to the company?

Don’t you think you could reap the same benefits in your company if you took some time for exercise, took some time to eat right and learn about how to incorporate health into your life? What would it look like if you were feeling fit, clear headed and in a good mood more often, how would feeling this way affect what you do in your business? Do you think you would work smarter, not harder? Don’t you think your head would be clearer, sharpening your decision-making skills?

What about your medical insurance? What effect would a healthier life have on those hefty premiums you pay out each month? At the very least you would have fewer sick days or days when you just do not feel up to giving your business your best effort.

See where I am going with this? As small business owners we have unique issues when it comes to our diets. Yes, I too am a home based solo-preneur so I know how difficult it can become to run a business and have a healthy lifestyle, however a little time investment, even when you think you don’t have the time, can actually free up more time in your business because of the increased efficiency with which you will be able to work.

And then there is the issue for most of us with home offices, food is in such close proximity to us and nobody knows if we make only one trip to the fridge each day or we make 20. We tend to fill up on whatever is available, and unless we make a conscious effort to buy nutritious foods and keep our freezers and pantries stocked with them, we’ll feed ourselves with whatever is on hand, usually reaching for things that taste good but maybe aren’t the best choice for our health.

Come on now, fess up…at least to yourself, no need to tell any one else. Haven’t you run to the chips and dip when you have a big, pressure filled deadline coming up? Or maybe when you are working to get an article written, you are under a deadline but you have a bad case of writer’s block. Don’t you usually think that a bag of M&M’s and a big bowl of ice cream will get those creative juices flowing again? Relax you so you can think to write?

Let me suggest to you that the same things could be accomplished in a different way, with more positive consequences. Instead of reaching for that Ben & Jerry’s, what if you took a walk around the block and got some fresh air in your lungs. Just enjoying the outdoors, getting your mind off of your work problems has wonderful restorative powers. The problem is, most of us small business owners are over-achievers with a tendency to work and work and then work more. Taking time out for ourselves seems selfish, because we are taking our efforts away from our businesses, when in actuality its just the opposite.

Take time for yourself and your health and watch the health of your business improve, too.