Home-Based Business – What’s Holding YOU Back?

Let’s just cut to the chase here. F-E-A-R. The number one reason you haven’t already taken the leap into your own business, Internet or otherwise. There are so many things to worry about, right? Do you have enough money, do you have the time to get started, what will your family think, what will your friends say, do you really have what it takes and, of course, what if you FAIL?

So, why is it that it’s easier to worry about the possible negatives, but difficult to really envision the potential success? What if you concentrated, not on worry, but on excitement and inspiration? Let’s step through some ideas here:

1. Do you have enough money? Why not change that to “I don’t need a lot of money to get started.” The Internet abounds with opportunities that cost little or nothing to get started. You absolutely must do your due diligence to find the ones that are real. I’m in a business that has an entry-level of $395. That’s less than the cost of your laptop or your fancy new telephone. It’s just a question of investing in yourself, or buying more things.

2. Do you have the time? How much time do you spend watching TV each day? Or playing video games? Or going to movies or out to the clubs at night? If you aren’t willing to curtail some of your play time in order to create a real life for yourself, then being a home-based entrepreneur is probably not for you. Everyone has the same amount of time. We each choose how to spend it. Creating a home-based business is more entertaining than TV.

3. What will your family think? This is one of the hardest to get past, isn’t it? You want to start an online business, but you are afraid your family will think you’ve been scammed out of your life savings and there is no way you are going to make a living doing THAT! Families aren’t always your best supporters. Get over it. When you are successfully operating your business from home, guess who will be the first at your door asking for help?

4. What will your friends say? Take a lesson from #3 above. But also, its easy to feel embarrassed in front of your friends. You don’t want to feel foolish. You don’t want to be duped. So, go back to #1 where is says “do your due diligence.” Once you have done that, get on with it! You are not being scammed, you are creating wealth that your friends will come to love.

5. What if you don’t have what it takes? All kinds of people succeed brilliantly in this life. They are not cut out of the same mold. They are short, tall, fat, slim, different races, different nationalities, difference religions, different educations, different families, different finances, different skill sets. What is it about you that is so unique that you could not succeed? Trust me on this. If I can do it, you can do it. The key in that sentence is “do.” If you are willing to take action on your dream of a home-based business and willing to keep at it and do whatever it takes, then you definitely do have what it takes.

6. What if you fail? How about, what if you never try? Which would you like to look back upon later in life? Don’t get into the rut of always playing it safe. Risk something to gain something. Be smart about it, but take the risk. Life is about living, not about sitting on the sidelines. Please jump back to #5 where it talks about keeping at it and doing whatever it takes for just a moment. If you can commit to those two ideas — keeping at it and doing whatever it takes — your chances of success are very high.

If you are still wondering what is holding you back, truthfully, it is just you. Each of these six “fears” is just you talking yourself out of leaving your comfort zone and doing something outrageous, courageous and exciting! You may just keep plodding along, accepting the paycheck each week, and wishing for something different. But my hope and wish for you is that you make a decision to start that home-based business you’ve been considering. Nothing changes until you make a move, and there really is nothing holding you back — except you.