Create a Greeting Card Business at Home

Starting a greeting card business…not something I would have thought about doing a few years ago but after graduating from college and entering the workforce I realize now that owning your own business and working for yourself is the surest way to financial freedom.

Starting a greeting card business involves first, determining your goals in starting one.

I’m sure you’re interested in making money with your business so let’s start there. To make money you’ll need to figure out the all the logistics. There’s the creation of the cards, the manufacturing of the cards in quantity, and then the distribution of the cards, all needing to be taken into account. Most businesses have a start up of $100,000 and don’t see a return on their investment until at least a couple years.

The type of greeting business I have started and want you to learn about has a start up of less than $400.The average person buys a greeting card a month. With the greeting card business I started, my clients send a greeting card a day. The reason for this is because instead of paying $5 a card, they pay less than $1 a card. They save time and money so they can send more cards. The reason they save time is because they send these cards online using their computer. They are not e-cards, they’re real physical greeting cards that arrive in the mail.The way I have my greeting card business set up is this way: I use a company called Send Out Cards.

Their website handles all of my clients orders. They handle of the shipping and charges and cut me checks. All I do is show people the system. I walk them through sending some cards, on my dime, and they all see the value in it. I don’t even have to worry about selling people anything because they either want to do it or they don’t.

On examination, most people will tell you they have to send greeting cards anyways, and a lot of them have a business or network of friends and family that they want to be in better contact with and Send Out Cards enables them to do this with ease.There are people making really great money being a distributor of Send Out Cards. People that used to be professionals, working 9 to 5 or longer hours and not seeing financial freedom, only stress.

This type of greeting card business is fun and quick to get started and like I said, it only takes a start up of $400 which is quite low compared to other business ventures.The best part about the greeting card business is that the product you are involved with actually changes people’s lives for the better. You get to help people communicate and acknowledge one another which is a great feeling.

Reasons Not to Invest in a Turnkey Online Business

You may have heard of turnkey online business, but just in case you have not, I’m going to explain the basics of these businesses before I go on to explain why I don’t think it’s a good idea to invest in them. Feel free to skip the following paragraph if you feel you already have the basic notions on what a turnkey online business is.

Basically, this business model is an online business previously prepared for you: a set up website, products ready for you to sale and anything else you might need is just waiting for you to pay a fee and take everything over so that you can start to make the business working. Sounds great, doesn’t it? So what are my reasons to recommend against taking part in investing in a turnkey online business?

First of all, doesn’t it seem strange that you can only get the products you’re going to sell through the company that’s setting you up? Well, that’s because they are buying products from another firm and selling them to you. By the time you try to make your sale, your price of the product is so inflated that few people will be willing to pay that much. Think of it this way: it’s like if a shop in your neighbourhood said they were going to sell you 50 pounds of rice every month. In order for you to sell the product at a profit, you have to sell at a higher price. Why would anybody buy from you when they can buy from any other shop with less intermediaries and therefore, more chances of better discounts?

Second of all, picking up a ready made website means that you don’t own your business at all, you just have a franchise. If you see any problem with the business, you won’t be able to change it, because the company that set you up makes all the decisions. And unlike other franchises (such as a McDonald’s or a Burger King), that have been proven to work and set high standards for new buyers, these franchises go more for the fee you’ll be paying them for setting up than for making all their websites profitable.

Maybe there are a few honest and worthwhile turnkey online businesses, but be warned that most of them are little better than scams. Opening up your own online business is very easy, lets you call the shots, decide on the product and set the prices cutting a middle man. I recommend this approach any time, because even a turnkey online business that turns over some profit will always be less profitable than a business that you set up yourself: all the money you make will go to you.

Easy Internet Business – 3 Simple Secrets to Profiting Like a Rich Fisherman

What Does A Rich Fisherman Have That You Don’t?

Now, before you bombard me with a bunch of questions on what the heck I’m talking about besides an easy Internet business, listen up. Running a business online really is no different from fishing in a vast sea.

This is the reason why I’m going to reveal to you a few simple secrets that can help you not only make your business prosper but to ease up from simple tasks and time. Ultimately, you want leverage and that achieving more in less time.

Secret 1: You Need A Boat And A Fishing Rod

Okay, the first thing you will need if your basic tools like a web hosting site (where you can store all your content and your products). I’m talking about information products and services here.

Your ‘fishing rod’ basically is your marketing campaigns or how you will be attracting your potential clients to your website. I like to call this attracting the right kind of buyers who will need your products.

Secret 2: Creating The Right Bait

Now, even if you have the best tools available on the market you still might not catch the biggest fish in the pond. You will need to know what your target market is looking for and what they need.

This is why you have to do some research in order to create the right kind of ‘bait’ to lure prospects to even view your website or offer. It is really not that hard and normally I’d like to give a free report as a bait in exchange for my prospects email and name.

Secret 3: Maintaining An Abundant Harvest

What you want to have is long term profitability and not a one time event of bliss. In order to achieve this, you have to have a prosperity mindset. Fishermen who reaped a good catch of fish don’t stop there.

Instead, they take their profits and reinvest into a bigger net, a better boat, more baits and so forth. Likewise, when you get your first good profit, think of spending it to further improve your business or invest in yourself. So that you can become better at what you are doing so well already.